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We envision a world where children’s imaginations are ignited, their creativity flourishes, and their screen time is transformed into a source of wholesome inspiration. We are pioneers in merging the worlds of gaming, literature, and personal expression to create a dynamic and enriching experience.

We will leverage AI to build a revolution in entertainment, education and creativity.

- Nevio Buric, CEO & Founder of Daidream

Artificial Intelligence

Ensuring a safe and personalized learning environment for children, fostering creativity and exploration with cutting-edge AI technologies.


Our marketplace connects creators and consumers, fostering a never seen opportunity. It empowers kids to learn, share, and inspire through diverse AI-enhanced content.


Mello is Daidream’s flagship IP, embodying creativity and learning. As the central character, Mello guides and inspires kids on our platform.

Our Mission

Screen Time of Children (Min/Week)









Source: International Central Institute for Education and Children (IZI)

By prioritizing personalization and interactivity, we set a new standard for entertainment, offering a captivating alternative to passive video consumption.

Our mission is to turn screen time into a gateway for education, creativity, and entertainment, fostering a balanced and enriching experience.

The Solution

“The world's first fully personalized child-reading-experience.”

A new hero for children is born. Meet Mello.

With Mello, children become the architects of their own stories, blending the magic of gaming, the wonder of books, and the power of personal expression.

“We will change the future of child - education, entertainment & creativity by making reading cool again!”

Create fantastic memories.

Children will become the „star of the story“ and can experience adventures, historic events and much more, all within a finger tip.

If our children get born as "digital natives," it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that healthy play and education become digital natives, too.

Experience hundreds of beautiful locations,
opening +250.000 potential Stories.

Available soon on

Apply for our Early Access Programm and get the chance to experience Tales of Mello prior to its official release!

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Meet our


Nevio Burić

CEO & Co-Founder

Dominik Kajba

Chief Tech Officer & Co-Founder

Zvonimir Kišurek

Chief Development Officer & Co-Founder

Johann Scherer

Chief of Design & Co-Founder

Jan de Jong

Advisor & Co-Founder

Mario Udovicic

COO, Director Affiliate Program & Partnerships

Domagoj Dragić

iOS Developer

Matej Peršić

iOS Developer

Lucija Dupljak

Digital Storyteller

Lorena Krznaric

Marketing & Communications Manager DACH & Adria



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